Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy


WellBeing Intuitive Sessions

Our bodies are fields of vibrational energy - physical and emotional patterns creating a state of health or dis-ease. 

Our internal and external environment creates dramatic changes in our bodies. Whether it’s the food we eat or the stress we experience in our daily lives, there are simple, positive influences to bring balance and perspective.

By scanning the body’s energy fields and aura we are able to understand homeostasis. This allows us to tune into “hot spots” or areas of imbalance.We can then discuss a variety of options - maximizing optimum health and vitality – in realizing a state of personal balance and harmony.

A variety of modalities are also options to assist in finding balance and homeostasis:


Cellular or DNA Reprogramming Frequencies (Harmonic Translations)

Electronic Kinesiology (BioScans)

Esoteric Healing

Essential Oils

Facial Reflexology

Full Body Reflexology

Natural Electro-Magnetic Process®

Raindrop Technique®