Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

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Hi Karen! Its amazing what has happened! Your insight into my life & attributes has been shown approved. I finally found my purpose in life! I’m very excited to see how my story in life will unfold day by day. Thank you soooo much! Love you!
                             Chantal, LA.


Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.  You have helped me tremendously through your energy healing scans and intuitive sessions.  With your guidance I am on the path to spiritual and physical wellness."
Jo, PA


“I just wanted to say thank you.  After your workshop on Saturday I decided to go get some lunch.  While eating a gentleman asked if he could sit.  We got to chatting and I now have an appointment with him on Wednesday to do an energy work session.   Again thank you.
Marie” Ohio


"Hi Karen,
I've reviewed my recording of our reading twice now.  This has encouraged me to augment this information with guided writing and dowsing.  More information has come through on my activities and upcoming 'significant partner' for these activities over the next eighteen months or so.  This reading has indeed helped me to vault out of the box that I had built around my beliefs.
I'm very grateful that our guides promoted my reading with you.  Your openness, clarity and the sensitivity with which you delivered the message  offer a great example of how to gracefully help others move ahead on their path.
Again, thanks again for the very meaningful reading.  It is making a difference in my life.  I'll watch for your next visit to central Ohio." JB, Ohio


 "A big thank you for a marvelous talk on deciphering the Maya Calendars and Co-Creating Your Reality. Keep up the good work.    Peace and blessings!" Joanne, Ohio


"I have had several readings with Karen and every time she has read for me I have felt the purest clearest sense of support, kindness and love. There are many who call themselves psychic however Karen goes well beyond just predicting your experiences and energies. Karen brings her heart to the table. She uses her deep intuitive awareness to help you heal your pain, but she also helps you anticipate your joys. She holds sacred space; helping you clarify your lived experiences, and helping you  create your yet to be lived experience's. She is a sacred beacon and a reverential guide and witness."  Jenny, Columbus, Ohio


Karen, thank you so much for the pre surgery talk and rain drop treatment on Weds, in Mansfield. I went in so calm and relaxed, I did great.The nurses were amazed at how well I did, and today,(the day after) I have almost no pain at all!I am a new fan!  Thanks...   Karen, Mansfield, Ohio


Hi Karen, ... my player is compatible with the CD you gave me.  I listened to it all the way through this evening and am very thankful for the information you provided.  You certainly are positive in your approach which I like.  ... I thank your Guides, too, and appreciate their input."


"Hi Karen, ...I am still digesting what you told me. I appreciate the way you delivered the message in a loving and caring way ...  My heart is much lighter since our meeting."


"Dear Karen, Thanks so much for the reading Saturday. I have  listened to it twice and as you said have gotten something out of it each time. Please put me on your mailing list for central Ohio for when you are doing things in the area. I cannot not express to you enough what the reading meant to me."


"Karen,  Thank you from us both for sharing your precious time on Sunday. It is amazing how your insight has strengthened our relationship in many ways.  Have a wonderful wonderful day---and thank you for everything you are - in the Universe!!"


"I'm sure you've heard this from a thousand people, but my session with you has officially changed my life.
So, thank you for your message from my angels and guides, it has been life changing!!"


"I just wanted to say hello, and that I enjoyed meeting you last Saturday at the Psychic Fair in Houston.  I am the person who asked you what happened to my brother.  I looked up your web site and read about the calendar.  It all sounds very interesting.  Hearing what you had to say was very comforting.  Thank you for that.Just wanted you to know that what you are doing is very special and appreciated.  Hopefully we will meet again in the near future, and you can help me in developing my spiritual self.  You are one of my friends from now on.  Keep in touch." LP, Texas


"Thank you for the insightful reading you gave me last time we met. Your talk was informative and I like your enthusiasm. Ill see you at The Chapel on the 22nd. May all your dreams come true."  Gayle


"Thanks for your intuitive intuition at Marvas Psychic Fair last Saturday. Felt like we really connected. Thanks Again," Tom


"Thanks for the information on the Mayan calendar. We enjoyed meeting you at Asbury Chapel."   Donna


"Hi Karen, I really enjoyed being in your Energy. Loved your talk and insights. Love Iggy"