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Facial Reflexology

Foot Reflexology and Foot Vita-Flex

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June 10, 2018

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Vintage Porcelain Items

Beautiful, unique porcelain items. 

Therapeutic Essential Oils and Consultations

Therapeutic Essential Oils, offers more than 300 essential oil singles and blends. Therapeutic Grade means that every essential oil distilled or sourced has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect.

A variety of Oils will be available in 2 ml bottle, as well as having a custom oil roll-on and sprays blended for you.


Intuitive Sessions

Providing guidance and enlightenment for over thirty years, Karen has helped thousands of clients across the world. During these thirty minute sessions, tap into your greater/higher self, angels and guides for insight and options.

Always remember, this is done with respect for your right to "free will" and "choice."


Facial Reflexology

The treatment is a gentle, non-invasive therapy. One remains completely clothed at all times.

Face Reflexology is deeply soothing. Often the tension and stress that our facial muscles hold are transmitted to our entire body. Our face is the first locations emotions are exhibited or suppressed. Through Face Reflexology, stimulation points and zones trigger release of endorphins and serotonin, so one comes away relaxed and rejuvenated. The deep smooth massage steadily releases the tension and balances the central nervous system helping the body to heal itself.

A light oil is applied to the face to assist in the technique. It is a rich handcrafted Rosehip Oil. Naturally abundant in vitamin C, the oil heals and conditions the face, leaving the skin more supple, toned and healthier.


Foot Reflexology and Foot Vita-Flex

Foot Reflexology

Since before ancient Egypt, Foot Reflexology has been used as one of the most popular healing modalities.  Our complete body is mapped on the foot. A foot reflexology session benefits the complete body, with a focus on organs and glands, or any specific health conditions.


Foot Vita-Flex with Essential Oils

Vita-Flex means "vitality through the reflexes." It is a specialized form of reflexive movement that uses rolling and releasing motions to activates reflex points on the feet. It's a tremendous tool that assists the body in healing itself, and is particularly effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body.


Location: 4 miles southeast of  Lithopolis. Nearest intersection is Marcy and Amanda Northern roads. A quarter mile west of this intersection.

 Directions from I-270 on the southeast side of town: Take Route 33 east towards Lancaster. Exit route 33 at 674 / Gender (Canal Winchester). At top of exit ramp, turn right onto 674 / Gender. Go several miles until dead end at light. Turn left onto Lithopolis Rd. Then, turn right at the next light, which is 674 / Winchester Southern. Go about 4 or 5 miles until you pass the entrance to Slate Run Metro Park. A quarter mile later, turn left onto Marcy Rd (Marcy Diner is on the corner). After exactly 3 miles on Marcy Rd., look on the left for a yellow ranch with a green roof and green shutters.