Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

The Maya Calendar Insights into 2020 with Karen Rollins


Is there truly “A Purpose and Plan” for what’s happening in our world today?

How can we access these insights into what’s happening in your personal life as well as the global community?

During this workshop, we will discuss, in detail, upcoming patterns in 2020 – and how to identify and master these evolutionary influences.

Preregistration Requested. $50 includes handouts and resource material. 

You are welcome to bring a snack for an afternoon break.



Would you like to understand more about the energies within this Timing?

This exciting introduction begins with “Deciphering the Maya Sacred Calendar.”  

Explore this aspect of an ancient civilization - known for its science, technology and deep understandings of multidimensional energy -  which are even more profound today.

During this workshop we delve into:

  • what are the Sacred Cycles of the Tzolkin Calendar
  • how you can effectively translate these energies in your personal life
  • your understanding of greater shifts within your community, global and universal events
  • studying the Sacred Energies for the next two Trecena (thirteen day cycle) from January 8 to 20, 2017. We will also look at an overview for the entire year as well.


The Maya Calendars state our co-creational frequencies have dramatically increased in both intensity and speed, giving a feeling of time speeding up. What if we are sensing "Creational Timing" instead? Mayan Priests and Daykeepers speak of these Infinite Spirals of Timing, guiding us through the cycles of individual, global and universal change.