Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy



These are designed to enhance an awareness of the link between Universal macro system and the Personal micro system. “As Above So Below.”

Parts I and II

“Maya Birth Energy” 

According to the Maya Sacred Tzolkin Calendar, birth energies create a framework of “who we are” - our strengths and shadows within a multidimensional vibration. Understanding this framework is a foundation for their daily life, but also illuminates details advantageous to health and well-being. Can we tap into our ability to heal innately?

Indigenous People, including the Maya, speak of evolutionary shifts in frequencies. The Maya Calendars state our co-creational frequencies have dramatically increased in both intensity and speed, giving a feeling of time speeding up. What if we are sensing "Creational Timing" instead? How is this affecting our ability to reframe DNA response? The science of Epigenetics states we change our DNA response by changing our internal and external environment. Is there a point where these two beliefs merge and we consciously begin creating our personal DNA repatterning??

 I have found Birth Energy Analysis to be extremely insightful regarding sources of dis-ease and energy imbalances. This presentation highlights insights of an ancient civilization known for its science, technology and deep understandings of multidimensional energy.

$20 for approximately 90 minutes. Includes handouts.

“Medical Intuitive Workshop” Part I 

Our bodies are fields of vibrational energy - physical and emotional patterns creating a state of health or dis-ease. This initial look at understanding homeostasis provides a simple, yet effective way of scanning the body’s energy fields and aura. This allows you to tune into “hot spots” or areas of imbalance.

Our internal and external environment creates dramatic changes in our bodies. Whether it’s the food we eat or the stress we experience in our daily lives, there are simple, positive influences to bring balance and perspective. We will also discuss a variety of options - maximizing optimum health and vitality – in realizing a state of balance and harmony.

We will also begin a conversation on cellular memories - what are they and how they affect DNA response.

 $25 for approximately two and a half hours. Includes handouts.

Attend both presentations - $40 (Savings of $5)

 (Savings of $5)