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With the current "Stay At Home" situation many are honoring, Karen offers phone and sessions through Skype and Messenger.

Contact Karen by phone or text (337-794-0062) for scheduling.

762 Lititz Pike, Lititz PA. 17543 

I am excited to be at one of my favorite locations

Headrush Spa

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Intuitive Sessions

Providing guidance and enlightenment for over thirty years, Karen has helped thousands of clients around the world.

During these thirty or sixty minute sessions, tap into all those who support you - Creator, your angels, those who have passed and all loving beings - for insight and options. This always respects your right to free will and choice.

For additional information, visit here.

Special Pricing: $50 for thirty minutes, $90 for sixty minutes

Electronic Kinesiology (BioEnergetic Scans)

is a simple technique for perceiving information similar to muscle testing. Common scans include Overall Body Systems, Digestive System, Food Sensitivities, or Lifestyle Stressors. Approximately 30 minutes. $55 includes printout of scan results. Want to know more? Click here.

For more than 20 years, Karen has presented at numerous events, expos, and radio shows across the country.

By incorporating a “wholistic” approach to wellness, Karen blends a variety of modalities into your unique, personalized appointment.

Karen has been an intuitive all her life. Her abilities have assisted thousands; providing insights and options by their higher/greater self, angels and spirit guides. This ability to sense energy and auras enhances her medical intuitive sessions.  Supporting this intuitive sense includes training in Esoteric Healing, Electronic Kinesiology, Raindrop Technique®, Facial Reflexology, Foot Reflexology,  and Full Body Reflexology.

With a global client base, she provides phone sessions or appointments in person, empowering others to be at their Optimum Health and Vitality.

For scheduling contact Bev Miller directly at 717-314-5333

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In Person Appointments available.