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Lecture and Workshop Topics

As a Featured Speaker at a variety of venues
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Making the Most of Your Mortality

 Part of the "Happy Trails" Series

Focusing on Living the Fullest Life Possible.

Procrastination isn't  a "bad thing!" It's a "learned thing."

Few escape procrastination. EVERYONE has procrastinated at some point in their life. Fortunately, there’s a great deal you can do to curb these impulses, take charge of your life and advance positive values and interests instead.

“Impossible” you think? Not at all. This complex problem can’t be effective by the “Just Do It” mantra. Procrastination is a learned habit and can be replaced with a different habit resulting a better way to enjoy life. It’s a complex problem fueled by self-blame, overwhelming fear, and a lot of other emotions that keep you in a repetitious cycle.

During this workshop, we will look at some of the most basic procrastination patterns. Using five effective habits, we focus on taking control of your “Time.”

The other side of procrastination brings clarity, work without hesitation, and not giving up. Shift from putting things off to getting things done.

Join other procrastinators in a fun, safe group environment – changing your life one habit at a time.

Yes, You Can!

Since we are all vibrational energy, we all gave the ability to connect with other vibrational beings. Spiritual communication, especially mediumship, is simply our ability to decipher these signals from multidimensional beings.

Just as we all learn – as well as practice – how to answer the phone, we will practice ways of “answering the celestial phone.”

In this lively presentation, we will discuss ways to recognize and interpret energy signals from those who have crossed, spirit beings and multidimensional energies.

"Intuitive Well-Being Parts I and II"

Concentrating on "Intuitive Well-Being" inPart I, we look at how to, simply yet effectively, scan your unique energy fields and aura.  This allows you to tune into “hot spots” or areas of imbalance. We will also discuss a variety of options in realizing a state of balance and harmony.

Part II is designed to incorporate the energy patterns discussed in Part I with the insights of an ancient civilization known for its science, technology and deep understandings of multidimensional energy – and the science of Epigenetics. Is there a point where these beliefs merge? How would Well-Being Intuitiveness enhance the process of reframing our DNA responses to our internal and external environment?

Part III offers additional details for those interested in aura and energy field viewing. Includes information on possible modalities for areas of imbalance.

The Miracles within Your DNA

Science states 96% of your DNA is “junk.” Really!!  Could it be this quantum aspect of “who you are” cannot be measured with current scientific means? Is this the Divine within you, directing the historical data of humanity – the 4% which can be explained?
Ancients grasped the co-relation between star and earth energies encoded within this sacred core of man. We will explore what may constitute another possibility of DNA, and through Epigenetics how you can change and direct your personal DNA responses.

Have you ever felt that you have lived before? Wondered why you are different than your biological family?

A variety of informational types is housed within your DNA – beyond your physical body. Understand and explore how your body is responding to the Akash stored within your DNA and your ancestral mindsets.

Maya Calendar Astrology 

Are you ready to step outside the box?

How beneficial would it be to have a greater understanding of what vibrations are the foundation in events and emotions? During these three hours, we will delve into the forces moving through our Universe, Gaia, and all peoples.

Would you like to understand more about the energies within this Timing? This exciting introduction begins with “Deciphering the Maya Sacred Calendar.” Explore this aspect of an ancient civilization - known for its science, technology and deep understandings of multidimensional energy - which are even more profound today.