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Electronic Healing - Cellular and DNA Reprogramming Frequencies

Advanced Healing Techniques and Research Using the Harmonic Translation System by Jon Monroe, Director, New Science

When we think electronic healing, one might conjure up images of a patient connected to a machine console via wires and electrodes, or perhaps the image of the person lying on a bed that is slowly retracting into the bowels of a huge machine. Men in white lab coats sit at the controls preparing to engage the electronic power that will heal the sick. In the popular sci-fi series Star Trek, most healing requires only the waving of a small device in the vicinity of the sick or injured person to completely heal them.

One can see obvious similarities between this high tech scene and the traditional shamanic one where the shaman waves a magic device of feathers and bone to have much the same effect. All in all, healing, in our culture, remains a highly ritualized practice. Even the western formula of diagnosis and treatment is very much a sacred ritual.

Most of us are at most only superficially interested in how a technology works. We accept the judgments of experts. So long as a new idea follows an already accepted logic, it receives the blessings of institutional experts, and if it appears to have value, it is readily accepted. If a new idea or technology does not follow the accepted norm, or especially if it seems to contradict that which is currently accepted, it can take a generation or more for acceptance to come no matter how useful it may be.

In developing the Harmonic Translation System, we did not have to reinvent the wheel when it came to using information as medicine. Homeopathy, which has been around for over 150 years, is a technique for extracting the active information from a medicinal substance and impressing it onto a new medium, usually water or sugar tablets. When given, this sort of medicine interacts with the dynamic field of information that is the person and has an effect that can easily be seen on a physiological level. In short, it works very well.

What we developed was an electronic medium for using information on this level. Combined with the best electronic kinesiological measurement tool for scanning, analyzing, and editing this medicinal bio-information, we created the first true digital synthesizer of biologically active information. For the first time, we had the ability to not only direct biological processes, but also to amplify those bio-functions that were insufficient, suppress the overactive ones and jumpstart any necessary ones that had stopped.

Today, we live in an accelerated time of discovery and change. As individuals in such a quickly changing world we no longer have the comfort and security of a world view that can last a lifetime. So today, most of us both accept and question the notion of electronic healing.

We are accustomed to the non-stop pace of discovery and technological innovation, while at the same time we have learned that technology often falls short of its promises where health and medicine are concerned. In the current climate of chaos and change, even the most earth shaking and momentous of discoveries can take many years to gain acceptance, or in fact to even be noticed.

Over 17 years ago a few colleagues and myself began work on what was to become the Harmonic Translation System. Our original goal was straight forward - to create a computer platform that could incorporate all known and useful electronic healing technologies into a single integrated device. While I initially approached this project as technological development, I soon had to contend with the fact that my concepts of what a living person was in relation to health and healing were inadequate. The problem had to do with the concept of biological information. It is a problem that has only come into focus in the last few decades. We have not until recently in our technological history had to make the distinction between information and the medium by which it is expressed. Information in a book, a tape, a computer disk.

DNA contains information, it expresses information, but it is not the information itself. This is far more serious than a semantic exercise. This is like not noticing that the message and the messenger are separate things. In biological research we have always paid attention to the things we could see, DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, endless cascading biochemical effects that are only the physical interactions of the mediums of biological information. This is not to say that understanding these things is not critically important, but it is only one aspect of the whole. I learned that my fixation on this level of activity prevented me from understanding higher functions that I wished to affect in treatment.

A good analogy is the personal computer. Most of us think of the little box full of components as "the computer." In fact, the computer is a complex interaction of the information stored in the box with the structure of the components and the input of the user. The computer, is what I would call an interactive field of information. Pull the plug and the computer disappears. You are left with a box full of components and recorded instructions. The computer is a thing of pure information that is in fact more than the sum of its parts. If the device malfunctions, we most often fix it by introducing remedial information. Rarely does the hardware part of the system fail. The computer does not mystify us because it is a thing of human manufacture.

To expand this analogy to the human level is to multiply the complexity by a million or more. While we may never be able to "understand;" all that is at work in so complex an organism as ourselves, still we can come to fathom the meaning of much of the information at work, learn its codes and patterns and purpose. With a little of this understanding, and the technological tools to make it work, great things can be accomplished.


With the advent of an advanced healing tool like the Harmonic Translation System, the rules and reality of alternative medical research are forever changed.

In the old paradigm it would be unconscionable to even think of combining treatment and research. The acceptable formula was that you would only use tried and true medicines and techniques in treating the sick. This was a prudent approach given the level of understanding and the technological limitations of the old school. Even with this careful approach much harm was and is done through the limited understanding inherent in traditional medical models.

With the advent of modern electronic kinesiological measurements, a practitioner does not have to guess or make assumptions as to the efficacy of a medicinal substance. The effectiveness for a given individual can be determined to a high degree of accuracy before the medicine is given. Add to this, the ability to modify, edit, or out and out invent medicine on the fly for a particular condition and individual, and you begin to see the nature of this paradigm shift in healing research.

For the first time experimentation itself becomes an effective means to solving an individual's health problem. Again, it is the ability to get feedback fast and in real time that makes this approach safe as well as effective. The worse that can happen with harmonic translation is that there is little or no effect if the practitioner is wrong in there treatment composition.

In traditional medical research a promising medicine might be tried on a hundred people over a time span of several years. If five people in that hundred experienced miraculous healing as a result of the treatment but the other ninety five had little or no results, the new medicine would be considered a total failure and would be abandoned. With better tools and techniques however it can now be discovered why those five had the good results and how to extend the results to the other ninety-five. Rather than looking for the one size fits all medicine, an energy, substance, or technique can be adapted to fit the needs of the client. As with most of science and medicine, it is not always possible to understand why a medicine or energy has the desired effect. Aspirin, used by millions for almost a century, was a mystery until only a decade ago. Add to this, lighting fast ability to sort through thousands of possible medicines, the ability to select, edit and synthesize the needed experimental medicine, and you have the Harmonic Translation System.This H T instrument does not make you a doctor in the same sense that an automobile does not make you a driver. As with driving, skill, knowledge, reflexes, intelligence and intuition determine how good of a healer you can be with the H T System. The car determines the pace and nature of modern travel. Advanced electronic medicine does the same thing here for the healing arts. In H T research it has been seen that a miracle cure for one person rarely has any effect on another without significant adaptation to the needs of that individual. It is this ability to find and compose highly specific and effective electronic medicine for individuals that is the hallmark of this technology.


My passion and mission is to provide every being with every opportunity to understand their body, their environment and their self.

Optimum Health and Vitality is possible for each of us.