Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

Intuitive Wellbeing        Part II

We continue to explore  our own Intuitive Wellbeing.

Part II

We discuss the Innate Body as well as a variety of options in realizing a state of balance and harmony.


The presentation is designed to incorporate the energy patterns discussed in Part I with additional insights into multidimensional energy. We look at energetic predispositions within physical and energetic bodies.

Topics include:

  • The Innate Body
  • Gaia Shifts and feeling in - or out - of balance
  • Multidimensional energy bodies
  • Time and Timing
  • Epigenetics
  • Original Medicine and Ancient Civilizations

Registration is requested in advance. $40 includes all materials. We will take a thirty minute "snack break." Please bring a snack, if you prefer.

About Karen-------
By incorporating a holistic approach to wellness, Karen blends a variety of modalities into helping others find their Optimum Health and Vitality. 
Her studies include Electronic Kinesiology (BioScans), DNA Response Reprogramming, Facial Reflexology, VitaTherapy, Natural Electro-Magnetic Process, Esoteric Healing, Raindrop Technique®, and Aromatherapy. She also offers Medical Intuitive Sessions.