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"Intuitive Well-Being Parts I and II"

Concentrating on "Intuitive Well-Being" inPart I, we look at how to, simply yet effectively, scan your unique energy fields and aura.  This allows you to tune into “hot spots” or areas of imbalance. We will also discuss a variety of options in realizing a state of balance and harmony.

Part II is designed to incorporate the energy patterns discussed in Part I with the insights of an ancient civilization known for its science, technology and deep understandings of multidimensional energy – and the science of Epigenetics. Is there a point where these beliefs merge? How would Well-Being Intuitiveness enhance the process of reframing our DNA responses to our internal and external environment?

Part III offers additional details for those interested in aura and energy field viewing. Includes information on possible modalities for areas of imbalance.