Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

"Intuitive Sessions"

Providing guidance and enlightenment for over thirty years,

Karen has helped thousands of clients across the world.

During these thirty or sixty minute sessions, tap into your greater/higher self, angels and guides for insight and options.

Always remember, this is done with respect for your right to "free will" and "choice."

We can live "happily ever after."

From an early age, I knew I was “different.”

There was a feeling of connectedness to things others didn’t seem to see or feel. During my twenties and thirties, I tried to "fit in" with mainstream society - I raised a daughter, went to college, climbed the corporate ladder. Throughout my life, however, ancient civilizations have held a strong focus - understanding how to be in harmony with Self and All.

My dad crossed over in 1992, changing my life forever. A feeling of disharmony with corporate environment led me to walk away in search of my personal truth. This also signaled a time when I “clicked” with the Maya Calendars - expanding my intuitive knowing of the diverse, multidimensionality of energy.  I began to apply the Birth Energy Analysis (Sacred Tzolkin Energies) to understand my self as well as aid others.

Today, my journey focuses on enlightening and empowering others in a variety of venues across the country. 


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At least 24 hours notice needed for all sessions or services.


Sixty minutes - $110

Thirty minutes - $65


Well-Being Intuitive Session

Sessions focused on physical and non-physical influences on health and wellness.

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