Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

Electronic Kinesiology

"The ability of one person to perceive something that most others cannot is often thought of as extra sensory in nature when it is only a mater of having trained ones senses to detect something new. All perception is done in the brain no matter what senses deliver the information.

Kinesiology is a simple technique for perceiving information that would normally be hidden from us. Many are familiar with the manual technique of muscle testing. In muscle testing the practitioner has a conversation
with the clients body.
The cues used are muscle holding tension or not. In this way the practitioner can gain a lot of information about what is happening or not happening with the clients body.

In the electronic form of kinesiology used in the H T System, the computer program will pose the diagnostic questions and the practitioner detects the precise degree of response by feeling a change. In this way,
accurate readings on actions, reactions, and conditions having to do with the health of the client are ascertained.

An electronic kinesiological diagnosis is an interpretation of information as opposed to a direct measurement of something physical in the body. A good example of how some information can only be ascertained by kinesiology has to do with heavy metal poisoning.

A direct measure of how much lead there is in ones blood tells us only that. A kinesiological measure of how much of a reaction to lead the
person is having is much more of the information a practitioner needs to know. The reaction to lead is not something that can be measured physically. "

How It Works

"An analogy to computer technology is useful here. If you have a complex computer system that is malfunctioning, the problem is most often because information in the system has become corrupted. This means that a critical piece of information has been lost, scrambled or somehow replaced with the wrong information. The system is fixed when the critical information is reinstalled in the system. Sometimes, because of damage done by the corrupted information, new remedial information or instructions must be added as well.

This is similar to what harmonic translation is doing with electronic medicine in treating a person.
First an analysis is conducted to determine what is wrong ( what piece of critical information is corrupted). Then a remedy is composed of new information to counteract the problem. Now a human being is many orders of magnitude more complex than even the most advanced computer. So in that sense you would think that the computer is easier to fix.

In some ways this is true. The human however, being vastly more advanced, is highly self repairing and fault tolerant. This means that our bodies are constantly trying to repair any damage and seeking to reestablish needed balance and function. The body is also intelligent enough to ignore or reject any medicinal information that is not needed or helpful. This is probably why the practice of medicine works at all and certainly why homeopathy and electronic medicine can be so effective yet have little or no side effects.

Water can be shown to have changed its information content by simply coming in contact with a person’s skin.
Light, sound and electromagnetic fields can also change waters information. When the electronic medicine composed by the H T System, coded via harmonic translation, carried on an electromagnetic signal, is impressed on water, a remedy similar to a homeopathic medicine is created.

The code used to store and edit electronic medicine in the H T System is all important. Just because you can imprint information on water, does not mean that this information will interact biologically when used as medicine. Here we did not have to reinvent the wheel.

Over two thousand years ago the Chinese discovered a beautiful mathematic object called the buk xok permutation table. Over 900 years ago the Maya discovered this device for themselves. They called it the tzolkin. This mathematic device, a simple 13 by 20 grid that exploits a unique relationship between the numbers 1 through 13. So fundamental are these relationships, that they can be used to compare and extrapolate from any real value to another. Many contemporary scientists have puzzled over how the Maya achieved such greatness in math without arithmetic or equations. It was there skill with the tzolkin. We use this device in the H T software to represent real things like medicinal substances as a series of relationships between the numbers 1 through 13. This is then translated into shifting musical notes that represent the original substance in a biologically viable manner. The powerful and effective results of this kind of medicine speak for themselves."

Harmonic Translation

The Practical Application of Electronic Medicine

"The term harmonic translation refers to the
literal translation of biological information into harmonic shifts of sound. Biological information becomes coded into the shift from one musical note to another. The information is not contained in the notes themselves but in the relationship of one note to the next.

To understand what harmonic translation is and how it works as a healing technology, we must first understand the basic concepts this technology is based upon. First off is the idea of information as medicine or often simply called electronic medicine. Most of us are used to thinking of medicine as a substance. This could be an herb, a mineral a chemical or some biological material. Some of us are also use to thinking of energies as medicine as well. These energies could be in the form of light, sound, radio waves and so on. When it comes to information, we are accustomed to thinking about it as being carried by a medium. Information written on a piece of paper or information carried on a radio signal. Only in the last few decades, with the advent of personal computers, have most of us been able for the first time to think of information as a thing all by itself. We hear constantly about information technology, we are told that we live in the information age, and now we come to information as medicine, a logical extension in these times of rapid innovation.

Homeopathy can be thought of as a natural form of information used as medicine. In this technique, a solution containing a medicinal substance is diluted past the point of there being any material substance left in the solution. This solution is then used as medicine. The efficacy of homeopathic medicine has been demonstrated for over 150 years. In 2002 researchers discovered the mechanism whereby homeopathy works.

It turns out that the information of the medicinal substance is transferred to the water molecules in the dilution process. It is this information, now carried by the water, that causes the medicinal effect. This is possible because water is a liquid crystal. That is, a liquid wherein the individual molecules have an orderly relationship with one another and these molecules can change their shape to form a code not unlike written language.

This research also suggests that just as the information was easily transferred from the original substance to the water in the remedy, so to is the same information then passed to the water that makes up over 90% of the person treated. It would seem that the water in our bodies contains and processes vast amounts of biological information. It is this basic biological reality that is exploited in the process of harmonic translation.