Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

My Intention

My intention is to provide you the maximum opportunity to live a rich, vital, joyous life. This reflects in your physical and non-physical health. I am committed to this program – and  grateful you are, too.

This information provides an opportunity to maximize offerings in Health and Wellness through epigenetics - by glimpsing into the elements which impact your daily life.

This allows us to assist more quickly in areas of stress. Triggers are more quickly recognized – and addressed, this also allows you to become more conscious of patterns triggered by a DNA response. We can then address these environmental influences.

You can experience many rewards in being aware of your body and its surroundings. By providing this snapshot of your external and internal environment, we can work together to achieve your goal of optimum health and vitality.

My intention in this daily awareness is to maximize health and vitality.

Nutrition, exercise, breath and stress reduction provide a strong foundation. You have the potential to then build a lifestyle based on conscious choice.

Epigenetics and Memetics are exciting tools – showing how your genes are turned off and on – by your beliefs, feelings and attitudes. This science explains how these factor in your brain, immune and hormonal systems – and throughout your body.

Epigenetics - Are You Ready to Discover Who You Really Are?

Since all aspects of life are interconnected (body, mind, spirit), I recommend a Life Style of balance and moderation.  Healing with Energy outlines a variety of programs geared towards assisting you in achieving this.

Science has proven our DNA is directly influenced by its environment - called

The exciting result of this is - we can change our DNA response by changing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual environment. And - we can change the DNA response for our children. We have the power to provide optimum environments for both our children of today and those to come.

This program has no age limits or boundaries - only what you choose to participate in - and to what extent.

Everything around you ultimately becomes a part of you.

Epigenetics - the study of how our environment impacts us on a cellular level – opens many doors on understanding who you are.

Previous views of how DNA affects our destiny is rapidly altering – and Epigenetics provides the keys of realizing we are not subject to the encoding.

Though nutrition, lifestyle and environment, we are in control of what quality of life we create for our self. Yes, our DNA plays a part – but only a part.

DNA represents our predisposition for certain traits. We can influence and in some cases, rewrite, this genetic link. Along with recent family encoding, our DNA also includes the encoding of all mankind – the complete picture of humanity since our beginning

Many of the personal health responses to our environment are based upon thousands of years of evolution.

We focus on our ability to alter how our body optimizes our DNA for maximum health, vitality and well being.
Our DNA only represents our predisposition toward certain inherited traits.
However, that does not mean we are unable to influence our Ancestral information or how our DNA responds to its environment.

How do we re-condition our DNA responses based on our current environment instead? By using the sciences of Harmonic Translation and Epigenetics, along with the intuitive responses in our bodies, we can tap into your innate abilities.

Through nutrition, exercise and awareness of strength and stress, we can alter the chemical responses within our physical being. More importantly, we can alter our emotional, mental, energetic beings in short amounts of time.
Through bio-energetic readings, we are able to assist in reviewing current stresses and strengths affecting you today.  

Quantum physics has opened the door to understanding who and what we are – merely energetic reflections of our beliefs.


 I am excited to integrate recent studies of this newer field of Epigenetics, combined with studying harmonic translation, bio-energetics, energetic body systems, quantum physics, and much more. This is tempered with my life experiences and those of my clients.

My passion and mission is to provide each being with every opportunity to understand their body, their environment and their self.

Optimum health and vitality is possible for each of us.


The concepts and ideas presented are intended to offer suggestions for examining areas of lifestyle that can affect bodily processes. No guarantee is given for obtaining results from the use of any of the suggestions given.This information deals with health and well-being, rather than the treatment of dis-ease. The information is not intended as suggestions for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of mental, emotional, or physical symptoms or complaints, or in lieu of seeking professional health care.

Healing with Energy uses Bio Energetic Scanning - an energetic reading, not a biological response. This energy signal provides active information reflecting the current activity in your body.