Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

What to Expect During Your Day

I invite you to bring personal treasures to include on your Vision Board.

10:30 am to Noon - Part I - "How Did I Lose ME?"  

   The first portion of this meaningful, lively workshop previews:

  • What are the four core principles? 
  • How do they influence your choices and thought processes?
  • Getting clear about what you truly desire.
  • This is a time to have fun, connect with your passions, and look to what feeds your soul.

Noon to 1:00 pm - Light Lunch 

1:00 to 4:00 pm - Part II - Vision Board Creation

What Really Matters To YOU?

During the second half of the day, we begin the process of creating your Personal Vision Board. You have the opportunity to express what is your happiness, your health, your wealth, your relationships, or anything else you desire. 

  • You may have a Specific Idea or Ideas of what you want
  • You may not be sure and just ready to Open and Allow your deeper greater self to guide you
  • You may have a Theme you wish to embrace

Karen guides you through this time of self-expression, JOY and female friendship!

We complete this day "Manifesting PG Style."

Creating Your Vision Board Workshop

August 5, 2017     10:30 am to 4 pm
Become EMPOWERED with honesty and specific affirmations with powerful intentions.

The seminar is a super fun time about the vision for your LIFEPLAN. Using four questions, we can review areas of life - personal, professional, spiritual, or financial - revitalizing your self and connecting with others.
During this Workshop, I will also be sharing intuitive messages and insights, life coaching, and corporate experience.

August 6, 2017     10:30 am to 4 pm

Focused Workshop on Prosperity and Abundance.

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