Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

Cosmic Cords

This series of workshops, are designed to address topics relevant to today's world.

Some are just plain fun.

Doe Hart and Karen Rollins draw upon their experiences and studies, exploring a variety of "How To's."

Approximately four to five hours each session.

Explore why you have collected the skills and experiences in your life - and how to orchestrate these into dynamic insights.


About Doe

The use of sound for healing, balancing and spiritual growth is an ancient and universally found practice. All religions make reference to our origin from sound. I have studied several energy modalities including cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, Usui and Karuna Reiki. Using the Planetary Soma Energetic tuning forks along with the human voice is my main focus as a healing instrument in these workshops. This healing is not restricted to the physical body, but also emotional and spiritual health. My studies have led me to work with leaders in the field of sound healing including Jonathan Goldman, Kay Gardner and Joy Gardner. I am certified in Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Alignment Program. I believe that each of us needs to regain our authentic voice and to recall the pure tone of creation that we are.


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About Karen







From an early age, I knew I was “different.” There was a feeling of connectedness to things others didn’t seem to see or feel. During my twenties and thirties, I tried to "fit in" with mainstream society - I raised a daughter, went to college, climbed the corporate ladder. Throughout my life, however, ancient civilizations and my cultural heritage called to me.  

I now use this, along with a variety of holistic modalities, in assisting others in achieving happiness, health and wholeness within themselves.