Karen Rollins - Healing with Energy

Electronic Kinesiology Scan Details

Healing with Energy offers a number of non-invasive Electronic Kinesilogy (Bio-Energetic) Scans.

These scans are based on energetic readings and response,and equally accurate whether in person or remotely.

I realize the individuality in gently returning to a state of Optimum Health and Vitality. 
A sampling of potential scans are:

Nutritional Scan

NUTRITIONAL SCAN focuses on the most common areas of food
sensitivities and food strengths for you.  

We look at an extensive list of foods, creating a program of the most compatible options based
on your personal responses.

Digestive System Scan

Key Scan for overall health.

Scan Digestive System/Tract for
optimum nutritional absorption.

Pre-composed Translation

Meridian System Scan

Overview of the 24 hour cycle of
energy - fueling the bio-electric
circuit throughout the body.

Pre-composed Translation CD
to strengthen and balance.

Lifestyle Scan

TEN POINT SCAN  or LIFESTYLE SCAN creates vitality and stress index
for environmental influences in our everyday world.

We can create a program to eliminate stress and increase strength in each of these areas.

Chakra System Scan

CHAKRA SYSTEM SCAN -Growth and development within the seven current energy centers along with increasingly known five centers.

Chakra systems also influence endocrine system, as each chakra relates to a particular endocrine gland.

These twelve chakra centers reflect an enhanced balance of physical and energetic selves.

Pre-composed Translation

Custom Scan

CUSTOM SCAN - Have a personalized scan created; this optimizes your personal, detailed combination of internal and external concerns for vitality and wellness.

Custom composed Translation

Cellular Scan

CELLULAR SCAN - Overall health and vitality of cellular composition, vital for body's ability to regenerate and maximize health.

Pre-composed Translation (Cellular Reprogramming Frequencies)

Body System Scan

BODY SYSTEM SCAN - Overall Physical Body Health Consultation

View of major body systems for
strength and stress

Pre-composed Translation

Endocrine System Scan

Review of Hormonal System.
This includes glands and major hormones each secrete.

Pre-composed Translation

Chakra System Scan is a great companion.