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BioEnergetic Scans

Healing with Energy offers a number of non-invasive Bio-Energetic Scans.

I realize the individuality in gently returning to a state of Optimum Health and Vitality.  
These scans are based on energetic readings and response,and equally accurate whether in person or remotely.


To understand this method it is important to remember that we all carry genetic coding in all of our cells, which are holographic in nature. This means that all of our cells are able to reveal everything about us. Quantum Physics shows these identifying frequencies are "entangled," meaning they connect throughout our physical structure,
even when separated from the physical body.

Early studies using radionics released these influences were even detectable through photographic means. In the office, I use your physical body to access your energetic information. In remote scans, we use a full length photograph as proxy for your physical self.

Optimum Health and Vitality is possible for each of us.

My passion and mission is to provide every being with every opportunity to understand their body, their environment and their self.
We focus on our ability to alter how our body optimizes our DNA for maximum health, vitality and well being.

Our DNA only represents our predisposition toward certain inherited traits. However, that does not mean we are unable to influence our Ancestral information or how our DNA responds to its environment.

How do we re-condition our DNA responses based on our current environment instead?

By using the sciences of Harmonic Translation and Epigenetics, we can tap into your innate abilities for health and wellness. Through nutrition, exercise and awareness of strength and stress, we can alter the chemical responses within our physical being.
More importantly, we can alter our emotional, mental, energetic beings in short amounts of time.

Through bio-energetic readings, we are able to assist in reviewing current stresses and strengths affecting you today. 

Sampling of Scans Available:


 O verall Body System
Overall Physical Body Health
View of major body systems for strength and stress
Endocrine System
Detailed look at Hormonal System
Detailed Body System
Focus on detailed information on Individual Body System
Digestive System
Scan Digestive System/Tract for optimum nutritional absorption
Food Sensitivity
Scan 60 most common food for sensitivities
Meridian System
Body Energy Flow based on Chinese meridian system
Chakra System
Seven commonly known Chakras plus Five developing
Ten Point Scan
Snapshot of body's response to environmental influences
Cellular Scan
Overall health and vitality of cellular composition, vital for body's ability to regenerate and maximize health
Heavy Metals ScanScans for  top twelve heavy metals and toxins found in our environment
Supplement Scan
Review vitamins, minerals and other supplements for maximum
assistance with vitality and wellness.                                                                 Options for Essential Oils and Tissue/Cell Salts in finding the optimum combinations.
Youth, Toddler, Infant
Geared toward Higher Frequency Sensitivities
Behaviors, such as focus and attention are included
DNA Evolutionary Scan
Multi-level scans reveal DNA responses based on embedded DNA
Details on all Scans 
Custom Scans also Available  


The concepts and ideas presented are intended to offer suggestions for examining areas of lifestyle that can affect bodily processes. No guarantee is given for obtaining results from the use of any of the suggestions given.This information deals with health and well-being, rather than the treatment of dis-ease.The information is not intended as suggestions for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of mental, emotional, or physical symptoms or complaints, or in lieu of seeking professional health care.

Healing with Energy uses Bio Energetic Scanning - an energetic reading, not a biological response. This energy signal provides active information reflecting the current activity in your body.

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We Are What We Think

This program has no age limits or boundaries – only what you chose to participate in and to what

“We are what we think”
“Thoughts become matter”

Self talk factors also. We will look at ways to positively re-in-force your self-image and belief system.  
This is a critical part with our children also. How they perceive their self images from the words, actions, and feelings of the people, places and things they
focus on every day.